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August 8, 2005

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, so I thought I’d post an update. I spent the month of July in Massachusetts, alternately on vacation, working remotely, and attending my brother’s wedding. The rest of the LAE (Linux Application Environment) team joined me (and Nils) for a week out there, and we made some huge progress on the project. For the curious, we’re working on how best to leverage OpenSolaris to help the project and the community, at which point we can go into more details about what the final product will look like. Until then, suffice to say “we’re working on it”. All this time on LAE did prevent me from spending time with my other girlfriend, ZFS. Since getting back, I’ve caught up with most of the ZFS work in my queue, and the team has made huge progress on ZFS in my absence. As much as I’d like to talk about details (or a schedule), I can’t 🙁 But trust me, you’ll know when ZFS integrates into Nevada; there are many bloggers who will not be so quiet when that putback notice comes by. Not to mention that the source code will hit OpenSolaris shortly thereafter.

Tomorrow I’ll be up at LinuxWorld, hanging out at the booth with Ben and hosting the OpenSolaris BOF along with Adam and Bryan (Dan will be there as well, though he didn’t make the “official” billing). Whether you know nothing about OpenSolaris or are one of our dedicated community members, come check it out.

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  1. I just read an interview with Sun’s executive vice president of software, John Loiacono, on the Linux World web site. In it Mr. Loiacono states that LAE (aka Janus) has already shipped. Well, this is news to me. If this is true, where can I acquire a copy?
    Mike Bo
    Here is a pointer to the interview:;240784003;fp;4;fpid;4
    And the relevant Q&A:
    IDGNS: What happened to Linux Application Environment, formerly known as Project Janus, a way for Linux binaries to run unmodified on Solaris? Did that technology make it in to Solaris 10 already? If so, how does that differ from Sun’s recent announcement that users will be to run applications designed for Red Hat Inc.’s Linux on top of Solaris via segmented containers?
    Loiacono: Janus did ship previously. You could think of Solaris Containers for Linux Applications which we just announced as Janus 2.0. It’s new enhanced technology. It has the ability to run over time any Linux distribution in a container. You could have Red Hat [version] 2 in one container and Red Hat 4 in another container. Why are we announcing Red Hat first? It’s the dominant market player with a 60 to 80 percent market share.

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