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Month: August 2005

Thanks to Jarod Jenson (of DTrace and Aeysis fame), I now have a shiny new 512MB iPod shuffle to give away to a worthy OpenSolaris cause. Back when I posted my original MDB challenge, I had no cool stuff to entice potential suitors. So now I’ll offer this iPod shuffle to the first person who submits an acceptable solution to the problem and follows through to integrate the code into OpenSolaris (I will sponsor any such RFE). Send your diffs against the latest OpenSolaris source to me at eric dot schrock at sun dot com. We’ll put a time limit of, say, a month and a half (until 10/1) so that I can safely recycle the iPod shuffle into another challenge should no one respond.

Once again, the original challenge is here.

So besides the fame and glory of integrating the first non-bite size RFE into OpenSolaris, you’ll also walk away with a cool toy. Not to mention all the MDB knowledge you’ll have under your belt. Feel free to email me questions, or head over to the mdb-discuss forum. Good Luck!


It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, so I thought I’d post an update. I spent the month of July in Massachusetts, alternately on vacation, working remotely, and attending my brother’s wedding. The rest of the LAE (Linux Application Environment) team joined me (and Nils) for a week out there, and we made some huge progress on the project. For the curious, we’re working on how best to leverage OpenSolaris to help the project and the community, at which point we can go into more details about what the final product will look like. Until then, suffice to say “we’re working on it”. All this time on LAE did prevent me from spending time with my other girlfriend, ZFS. Since getting back, I’ve caught up with most of the ZFS work in my queue, and the team has made huge progress on ZFS in my absence. As much as I’d like to talk about details (or a schedule), I can’t 🙁 But trust me, you’ll know when ZFS integrates into Nevada; there are many bloggers who will not be so quiet when that putback notice comes by. Not to mention that the source code will hit OpenSolaris shortly thereafter.

Tomorrow I’ll be up at LinuxWorld, hanging out at the booth with Ben and hosting the OpenSolaris BOF along with Adam and Bryan (Dan will be there as well, though he didn’t make the “official” billing). Whether you know nothing about OpenSolaris or are one of our dedicated community members, come check it out.

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