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Month: September 2005

Yes, I am still here. And yes, I’m still working on ZFS as fast as I can. But I do have a small amount of free time, and managed to pitch in with some of the OpenSolaris bug sponsor efforts over at the request-sponsor forum. I figure I can handle a bug every week or two even with ZFS in full “end game” swing, and hopefully inspire others to jump on the sponsor bandwagon during this interim period. In particular, I helped Rich Lowe integrate two basic code cleanup fixes into the Nevada gate. Nothing spectacular, but worthy of a proof of concept, and it adds another name to the list of contributors who have had fixes putback into Nevada. Next week I’ll try to grab one of the remaining bugfixes to lend a hand. Maybe someday I’ll have enough time to blog for real, but don’t expect much until ZFS is back in the gate.

Also, check out the Nevada putback logs for build 22. Very cool stuff – kudos to Steve and the rest of the OpenSolaris team. Pay attention to the fixes contributed by Shawn Walker and Jeremy Teo – It’s nice to see active work being done, despite the fact that we still have so much work left to do in building an effective community.

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