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Month: July 2011

With our first illumos-based distribution (2.6) out the door, we’ve posted the illumos-derived sources to github:

This repository contains the following types of changes from the illumos gate:

  • Changes that are complete and generally useful to the illumos community.  We have been (and will continue to be) proactive about pushing these changes to the illumos trunk ourselves.  We missed a few this time around, so we’ll be going back through to pick up anything we missed.
  • Changes that are sufficient to meet the needs of our product, but are not complete or generally useful for the larger community.  Our hope is that by pushing these changes to github, others can pick up such pieces of work and integrate them in a form that is acceptable to the illumos community at large.
  • Changes that represent distro-specific changes unique to our product.  It is unlikely that these will be of interest to anyone except the morbidly curious.

We will post updates with each release of the software.  This allows us to make sure the code is fully baked and tested, while still allowing us to proactively push complete pieces of work more frequently.

If you have questions about any particular change, feel free to email the author for more information.  You can also find us on the illumos developer mailing list and the #illumos IRC channel on freenode.

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