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Sun Storage 7210 Expansion

June 2, 2009

Last week, we announced the Sun Storage 7310 system. At the same time, a less significant but still notable change was made to the Sun Storage product line. The Sun Storage 7210 system is now expandable via J4500 JBODs. These JBODs have the same form factor as the 7210 – 48 drives in a top loading 4u form factor. Up to two J4500s can be added to a 7210 system via a single HBA, resulting in up to 142 TB of storage in 12 RU of space. JBODs with 500G or 1T drives are supported.

For customers looking for maximum density without high availability, the combination of 7210 with J4500 provides a perfect solution.

3 Responses

  1. [quote] The Sun Storage 7310 system is now expandable via J4500 JBODs. [/quote]
    You mean 7210?

  2. Why only a single HBA? For that many disks, it seems like a single 3 gig SAS connection would be a bottleneck.
    Ohh, and is the compact flash slot in the rear supported as a SSD disk (if populated)?

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