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Nobel Aftermath

December 12, 2005

What a party.

I can’t say much more – I’m afraid I won’t do it justice. Suffice to say that we rolled back into our hotel room at 5:00 AM after hanging out with Swedish royalty and Nobel laureates in what has to be one of the most amazing ceremony and banquest ever conceived.

You’ll have to ask me in person for some of the details, but a few highlights include my father escorting princess Madeleine down the staircase, as well as my mother being escorted (and talking with) the King of Sweden in the more private dinner the next night. Not to mention way too many late night drinking escapades with the likes of Grubbs and Nocera.

The only downside is that my flight home was delayed 5 hours (while we were on the plane), so I missed my connection and am now hanging out in a Newark hotel for a night. At least I get a midway point to adjust to the new timezone…

Hopefully the banquest footage will be available soon at Check it out when it is.

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  1. Hey Eric – Sounds like it was a blast. We missed you on Saturday night, but it sounds like you made the right call as to which party to attend! Congrats again to your father – and your entire fam.

    Take care (and thanks again for the keyboard tip – my daughter is still lovin’ it.)


  2. Hey Eric,
    I watched your Dad’s lecture. I thought I could give you the review that it was pretty good. It appears the auditorium platform (at least from the standpoint of the camera) wasn’t too well set up for tall speakers, though. I haven’t watched the Grubbs lecture yet. I can say it seemed pretty well aimed for those that were chemists, but not necessarily in your Dad’s specialty, which is probably where it should have been aimed. Lest you think I remember it all, there were still some historic tidbits I picked up and, having been kind off away from it from the past decade, there was stuff I’d wasn’t familiar with at all (as well as stuff I had some small knowledge of). I even saw something in work long after I left that had its basis in one very teensy tiny bit of work that was one of the few real successes I had in my time working for your Dad—as I’m sure you are aware of the incredible amount of wrong roads one goes on that you really do have to traverse to get to the “good stuff.”
    Again, congrats to all of you. You have every reason to be proud of your Father (duh!).-kby

  3. There’s a nice little piece on BBC World today about this years Nobel laureates, which includes your Dad doing a catalyst dance!

  4. I was searching for pages on linux research when, by some twist of googlism, I landed at your blog and at this article…and am glad that I did…you must be very proud of your dad indeed, and rightly so…
    It was a pleasure reading your account of your dad’s Nobel Prize event…it’s not something we get to hear from everyone around us, is it 🙂


    Narsi @ Linux Research & Future from eIT

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