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To my father

October 5, 2005

ZFS work and RSI issues have prevented me from making regular postings to this blog, but I do want to make a brief personal entry in honor of my father:

Nobel Prize Announcement
AP article
For the scientifically inclined

I’ve been so proud of you for so long, and now I think the rest of the world finally understands how I feel.

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  1. A word from the FL Schrock contingent: So proud of you right now dad! You’re way too modest – enjoy your day and hope the paparazzi aren’t too vicious.

  2. Wow, what a awesome family you all are! Keep up the good work.
    Just thought to add a note. Another area by which people are attacking the problem of hazardous waste is by treating them as biological nutrient inputs for plants and their associated bacteria. (called phytoremediation) But the main problem is that because of the production of materials with complex chemical chains, plants/bacteria communities will be forever lagging behind safe decomposition of these materials.

  3. Talk about coming from good stock! Thats awesome! Congrats to you Dad and the whole family. An amazing achievement and contribution to the betterment of man-kind.

  4. You father mentioned your name and your employer’s name Sun Microsystems in the news conference held at MIT. Congrats to your father and your family.

  5. It’s a great thrill to see your father so deservedly honored, but I’m also enjoying the outpouring of praise and affection for him this has generated.
    I worked for your dad many many years ago and married one of his grad students. I once even babysat you and your bro (though it darn near killed me). I am so happy for him and your entire family. My best to all of you.

  6. Eric,
    Congrats. I already called your Dad and left a very terse voice mail as I didn’t know what to say other than congrats. I also didn’t know you worked at Sun until your Dad mentioned it at the press conference. He had mentioned once to me at ACS in Anaheim of your interests. I always kidded that I got my PhD from him for being his sysadmin as it wasn’t for being one of his most stellar grad students (I think that honor clearly went to Kit).
    In case it isn’t obvious yet, I was one of your Dad’s grad students 1986-1991. The odd one that came from Digital Equipment Corp. The OS developer (TOPS-10).
    Again, congrats to all of you.-kby

  7. I read the announcement a few days ago on the school newspaper and didn’t realize it was your dad at all until yesterday. Congrats to you all of you!

  8. Eric, Congrats to your father and your whole family! It’s really exciting to know about the excellent achievements by the family.

  9. Congrats to your father (more than 2 years late though). I just read your webpage titled "iotop.d – prstat-like tool for showing the most I/O hungry processes". Thanks.

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