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Observability in OpenSolaris

June 17, 2005

Just a heads up that we’ve formed a new OpenSolaris Observability community. There’s not much there night now, but I encourage to head over and check out what OpenSolaris has to offer. Or come to the discussion forum and gripe about what features we’re still missing. Topics covered include process, system, hardware, and post mortem observability. We’ll be adding much more content as soon as we can.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi i like your articles about Open Solaris.I use Debian on a sparc machine but i want to learn solaris either.Can you help me about this?And finally at Mary’s blog she said that something about open-solaris t-shirt but i couldn’t understand this.If you consider my comments i will be happy.Thanks for your lightenings about open solaris.Regards from Fatih

  2. Faith –
    Thanks for the comment. The OpenSolaris T-Shirts were available in limited quantities (5000 I believe) on opening day. Suffice to say they ran out pretty quickly… If you didn’t get one, there will likely be future T-shirts – one of the best ways of getting some kind of shirt is to attend an OpenSolaris BOFs at one of the many conferences we attend.

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