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FISL Day 3

June 3, 2005

The exhaustion continues to increase. Today I did 3 presentations: DTrace, Zones, and FMA (which turned into OpenSolaris). Every one took up the full hour allotted. And tomorrow I’m going to add a Solaris performance presentation, to bring the grand total to 4 hours of presentations. Given how bad the acoustics are on the exposition floor, my goal is to lose my voice by the end of the night. So far, I’ve settled into a schedule: wake up around 7:00, check email, work on slides, eat breakfast, then get to the conference around 8:45. After a full day of talking and giving presentations, I get back to the hotel around 7:45 and do about an hour of work/email before going out to dinner. We get back from dinner around 11:30, at which point I get to blogging and finishing up some work. Eventaully I get to sleep around 1:00, at which point I have to do the whole thing the next day. Thank god tomorrow is the end, I don’t know how much more I can take.

Today’s highlight was when Dimas (from Sun Brazil) began an impromptu Looking Glass demo towards the end of the day. He ended up overflowing our booth with at least 40 people for a solid hour before the commotion started to die down. Those of us sitting in the corner were worried we’d have to lave to make room. Our Solaris presentations hit 25 or so people, but never so many for so long. The combination of cool eye candy and a native Portuguese speaker really helped out (though most people probably couldn’t hear him anyway).

Other highlights included hanging out with the folks at CodeBreakers, who really seem to dig Solaris (Thiago had S10 installed on his laptop within half a day). We took some pictures with them (which Dave should post soon), and are going out for barbeque and drinks tonight with them and 100+ other open source Brazil folks. I also helped a few other people get Solaris 10 installed on their laptops (mostly just the “disable USB legacy support” problem). It’s unbelievably cool to see the results of handing out Solaris 10 DVDs before even leaving the conference. The top Solaris presentations were understandably DTrace and Zones, though the booth was pretty well packed all day.

Let’s hope the last day is as good as the rest. Here’s to Software Livre!

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  1. Hello Eric, I´m Iru or muzgo, as you wish…maybe you remember me as the CodeBreakers guy who is 18 and seems older. I think I haven´t said my name yet :]
    Well, it´s 06:30a.m. and we´ve just arrived in the hotel… it was pretty cool to hang out with you and the other Sun folks.
    Thanks for mensioning CodeBreakers in here, we´ll surely talk about you in our website.
    See you tomorrow for the last FISL day.

  2. Hi man, im the guy who stay with muzgo all presentation and never talk,lol! 😛
    I just ask u if u drink ‘caipirinha’, remember?
    I will start with codebreakers with this ‘fun hard work’ trying to break solaris kernel, and im very happy to see that we are make you(all of Sun M.) happy with this! 🙂
    Well, nice to meet you, was a pleasure! i will stay with muzgo today(again) talking about Solaris(i will take my laptop today to put solaris10 too!may u help us to install, couse its doesnt have Cd-rom/DVD n floppy drive[lol])
    Well, no more words 🙂 cya in a day of future!
    []’s Cristiano

  3. Hi eric,
    I was one of the people hanging out after the Zone talk, I even get a cool shirt 🙂
    I was thinking in localized opensolaris communities, they’ll be supported or get some incentive from opensolaris project and/or sun?
    Like, starting a opensolaris-br community project…
    By the way, it was great to see you people on FISL, hope you enjoyed the country and people too.

  4. Hey guys, good to see that your night turned out OK 😉
    Jose – I’m definitely in touch with the OpenSolaris project team to see what we can do to help establish new OpenSolaris groups and projects. Right now they’re just a tad busy, but feel free to email (or join one of the OpenSolaris discussion forums) me after the launch with any ideas you have and we can figure out how best to help.
    – Eric

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