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May 12, 2005

So it looks like my blog made it over to the frontpage of in this article about slipping Solaris 10 features. Don’t get your hopes up – I’m not going to refute Genn’s claims; we certainly are not scheduled for a specific update at the moment. But pay attention to the details: ZFS and Janus will be available in an earlier Solaris Express release. I also find it encouraging that engineers like myself have a voice that actually gets picked up by the regular press (without being blown out of proportion or slashdotted).

I would like to point out that I putback the last major chunk of command redesign to the ZFS gate yesterday 😉 There are certainly some features left to implement, but the fact that I re-whacked all of the userland components (within six weeks, no less) should not be interpreted as any statement of schedule plans. Hopefully I can get into some of the details of what we’re doing but I don’t want to be seen as promoting vaporware (even though we have many happy beta customers) or exposing unfinished interfaces which are subject to change.

I also happen to be involved with the ongoing Janus work, but that’s another story altogether. I swear there’s no connection between myself and slipping products (at least not one where I’m the cause).

Update: So much for not getting blown out of proportion. Leave it to the second tier news sites to turn “not scheduled for an update” into “delayed indefinitely over deficiencies”. Honestly, rewriting 5% of the code should hardly be interpreted as “delayed indefinitely” – so much for legitimate journalism. Please keep in mind that all features will hit Software Express before a S10 Update, and OpenSolaris even sooner.

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