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w2100z reviewed

October 27, 2004

There’s a nice little review of the w2100z over at AnandTech. Primarily a hardware review, it also contains loads of benchmarks between several different operating systems, including the Java Desktop System. It was nice to see Solaris 10 thrown into the mix, but it only showed up in a few benchmarks, as they were primarily geared towards the 64-bit OSes. The good news is that amd64 support will hit the streets in a month or two, so maybe we can force our way into a few more benchmarks – although the amount of amd64-specific performance tuning we’ve done is next to nil.

It was also refreshing to see Solaris presented as a desktop OS. I’m certainly not used to seeing Solaris showing up in mp3 encoding benchmarks. Hopefully this will become more common in the future – we’ve put a lot of effort into making Solaris run well on small systems and commodity hardware. Java Desktop System version 3 is now part of Solaris, and will show up in the next Solaris Express release.

One more thing:

86 years

Enough said.

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